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Cliff and Myrtle Wagoner

We are starting a new feature on the website. We will feature members who have been in the Modesto Area A club for many years. Our first couple will be Cliff and Myrtle Wagoner who joined the club in 1980. Cliff was the president in 1986 and they were selected as Outstanding Members in 2002. During their years as members, they served on many committees and as tour guides.

They bought their first “A” around 1980. Marshall told Cliff he should get an “ A”. Cliff and Harry Webber went to Oakdale and bought the maroon “A”. Cliff thinks they paid $4,000. The second “A” was purchased around 1985. Bonnie and Harry Webber were at a sale in Truckee, saw the “A,” and called Cliff. The “A” belonged to the newspaper delivery boy. He delivered the papers in it. He had cut out the rumble seat to store papers so he could just reach and throw. The Wagoners and Webbers drove back to Truckee to trailer it home. It needed a lot of restoration, but the numbers all matched which was very important to Cliff. He took his time getting it together, he always was afraid that it would be his “Last Project”. As we know, it was not.

Cliff and Myrtle enjoyed all their trips in their “A”, but they felt their most accomplished tour was driving at the age of 90 to the convention in Canada. They have been in every state in the U.S. between their van, 5th wheel, motor home and the “A”. The only state they had not seen was Delaware. They were within 40 miles, so took a side trip to see it. They drove up Pikes Peak, Niagara Falls, saw the Great Lakes.

The Wagoners traveled 50,720 miles in their “A”. With all the trips and miles, they had only a few breakdowns. There was only one convention that the “A” did not make it. They broke down in Tonopah, Nevada. Their daughter Shirley and son Darryl took their Honda to them by trailer. They rode the rest of the way to the convention with another couple whose “A” had also broken down.

In recalling things that had happened to them on their journeys, they recalled a time they were driving down a street in Pie Town, NM during the filming for a TV show. They can be seen in the film with an arm holding the pie.

The funniest thing that happened to them in their “A” occurred as they came out of a restaurant and were asked by two old ladies to open the rumble seat. Then one said to the other , “Yes, it was big enough for a sexual encounter.”

When asked what was the most enjoyable part of being members of the Modesto Area A’s, they replied a lifetime of experiences and friendships. They enjoyed the Turlock Swap Meet, planning the tours, serving as officers, parades and other activities.

Their daughter Shirley feels they were the perfect A’ers. The family spent many Sunday afternoons when they were children growing up riding the back roads of Stanislaus, Calaveras, San Joaquin, Tuolumne, and Alpine counties. They were A’ers in training.

Their son Darryl is now the proud owner of their “A”. May he have many happy years enjoying the “A”.

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